Why canned meat choose metal cans packaging?

Now metal cans packaging materials are tinplate, tin coating has a strong resistance to corrosion, and ensures 

the mechanical strength of steel packaging. Although metallic tin has a strong corrosive, the risk is still etched 

high-acid foods, there are reports that some people appeared nausea and vomiting after ingestion of tin 

containing a concentration of 200mg / kg of canned food. However, a 2002 study showed that in 1200 tested 

metal cans, food tin content of 99.5% lower than the UK national standard defined 200mg / kg, relative to the 

previous study, the results of this test than in the past has a very big increase, the researchers concluded that: 

the manufacturer of the metal tank painted surfaces approach greatly improves the corrosion resistance of metal 

cans, metal cans makes safer in high-acid foods applications.

As for a class of beverage packaging cans are cheaper aluminum skin, aluminum also has high corrosion 

resistance, although the strength of the aluminum is poor, but inside the high pressure used to hold 

carbonated beverages are just right.

We have not noticed metal cans of thinner skin than canned Coke precisely because of internal high pressure 

such that the entire metal tank like a balloon drum up, the use of a tensile force to resist the impact of the metal 

skin from the outside world in all directions stress, so they do not like the tank wall as canned done so thick. 

Canned interior is negative, in order to prolong food quality, before sealing filling hot food as much as possible 

to exclude the air tank, and then sealed. Canned vacuum has two advantages, the first is to reduce the oxygen 

content of the tank to reduce the oxidation of food; second lid retraction, once inside the food spoilage 

deterioration under the action of anaerobic bacteria produce gas, it will lid drum out to remind consumers not to 


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