Strong demand for the metal packaging market, canned products is a major

Metal packaging industry in China has been formed including printed and coated tinplates, cans, lid, barrel-making products such

as full metal packaging industries.As the national upgrade of spending power and consumption habits are emerging, rapidly growing high-end drink products heavy metal packaging use. In recent years, the metal packaging industry has entered a phase of rapid development in China. As the domestic market has not been effective to start, plus the relative safety of glass bottles, metal packaging convenience needs to be improved, metal packaging market for canned food should be immeasurable, there is strong growth momentum.

According to statistics, the United States canned per capita annual consumption ofaround 90 kg, about 50 kilograms of Western Europe, Japan 23 kg, just 1 kg. According to experts ' forecast, future development space for 3-5 giant metal packaging industry in China, breaking billions of output is a foregone conclusion. Food andfast moving consumer goods continued to grow, particularly beverage as the growth of consumer goods, values of beer cans and higher.

Two-piece cans produced in the mid-20th century, refers to tank and tank lid consists of a metal tank, is a kind of metal packaging. Currently mainly used in beverages and canned products.

Especially with food and FMCG growth, introduction of foreign packaging enterprises have invested in equipment, testing the waters for two piece can field. Two tablets tank tank body by rushed pulled process directly forming, sealed sex good, not leakage, can from leak process; two tablets tank without welding sealed, avoid solder tank of lead pollution, and resistance high temperature sterilization, can guarantee products health; tank body no seams, styling beautiful, and tank body can continuous for decoration printing, effect good; two tablets tank only two a parts, and tank body manufacturing process simple, on simplified process process, improve production capacity great benefits; two tablets tank of tank body forming Shi by stretch deformation, wall thick more three tablets tank of thin;addition, Cans withtwo pieces of cans is the overall shape, no longitudinal seam and bottom seams of Tin body, save the material.

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