Tin cans and maintenance

Normal save Tin can only be placed at less than lingxia15℃ can not longer. You can choose tin cans placed on display as exhibit viewing, making it soft and mellow color to show its natural charm can also be used in daily life.

Since tin cans are not any plating material, put an end to the surface off the troubles, just simple maintenance can keep Tin original luster:

1, simply wash with water or neutral detergent, then wipe dry with a soft dry bushun lines.

2, tin cans as much as possible avoid contact with oil stains, such as accidentally stained with some difficult to remove dirt, do not use grinding of hard blows, cigarette ash in dirt with pure cotton cloth, decontamination, local wipe stain available cotton cloth stained with polishing paste.

Sha Tin 3, mill products, use warm soapy water; Tin and smooth, high quality silver sparkle after the sponge can maintain lasting bright luster.

4, if you live at the beach, occasionally with a damp cloth to wipe the white Tin handicraft because the salt in the air will make it tarnish.

5, after cleaning, be sure to rinse thoroughly and wipe dry, because residual detergent and water will damage Tin surface gloss.

6, low melting point of Tin (231.89), should not have placed on the fire roasting for a long time.