Why so many well-known enterprises choose tin packaging?

Why so many well-known enterprises choose tin packaging

1. The appearance of fine metal packaging

We can print any of the above tin variety of patterns, all kinds of information, so it looks more three-dimensional; imported ink, printing presses Heidelberg, Germany, to ensure that the color is gorgeous, tactile surface does not fall off.

2. Using imported raw materials

Good hardness, quality of the product can be packaged. Rust, smooth surface texture. Higher than the tin, smooth to the touch, can long maintain the original look. You can prevent scratches encountered during daily use or wear caused by sharp objects. Long-term to ensure product quality. In transit bumps, effectively reduce the impact force to protect the inside of the product is not easy broken.

3. Tinplate performance

Moisture-proof anti-odor. Sealing, and is one of the best we store tea. Having a seal, preserved nature, dark, robustness and unique decorative metal charm diverse styles, beautifully printed, anti-oxidation, and other characteristics.

educe the impact force to protect the inside of the product is not easy broken.

4. Tinplate price, fine print

It can ensure that use of the product is valid, there is a very good protection, why should we not choose it?

China well-known brands, gorgeous moon cake, Maxim moon cake, snowy moon cake moon cake and all are used in metal tin packaging; Green Arrow chewing gum, cigarettes, Lipton tea, Danish cookies tin, network singer CD boxes, food chocolate and a variety of tea, are inseparable from the tin packaging. One can imagine, which is why so many people choose metal packaging.


Our export to Japan cigarette tin box, tin now have pushed international, you've got to keep up with the pace of the times. In other countries, tin packaging is quite hot enough to prove tin foothold in the world.


If you are interested in tin box, it would quickly appeal to other pepple of the tin packaging recommend they use it! It is also important point is tin packaging, environmental non-toxic, but also can be recycled!

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