Brother Packaging Custom Tins

Brother Packaging (HK) Limited is a professional tin box supplier which provides extensive services and solutions to the packaging tin box and promotional tin box market. 

1. Q: We would like a custom can with our name on it.  Is this something that Indecco can provide?

A: Yes.  Independent Can prints custom lithography on metal, in-house, using a state-of-the-art 6 color printing line. We have a fully integrated Art Services and Prepress department to guide customers through the steps.


2. Q: I need a can just a little taller/bigger than your stock size. Is this easy to do? 

A: Depending on the construction of the tin we can modify the height of most round or fancy shaped tins easily with existing tooling for a custom order.  Seamless or drawn tins will require new tooling for any size adjustment. We are constantly innovating and investing in the latest technology that will provide more options for our customers.  Refer to our size reference chart for available tooling in the US.


3. Q: We would like a custom sized tin. Can Independent Can produce 100% custom tin sizes & shapes?

A: Independent Can’s Engineering team can design a new shape for a domestic plant given time and the investment necessary to facilitate automated production.  We also source new items from overseas facilities when it is the best solution for the customer Independent Can will evaluate the project to determine the best way to insure delivery of a high quality product in a reasonable amount of time.


4. Q: What is your standard lead-time for a custom tin?

A: 6-8 weeks with existing tooling and your artwork. With all processes under one roof from concept to completion, we can offer control as well as flexibility and timely delivery for our customers.


5. Q: How early do I have to order to be sure I will get my Custom Tins in time for the holidays?

A: We encourage you to plan ahead as much as possible. Communication is key! If there are deadlines that need to be met for a custom order, let our sales representative know the time frame.  We can work back from the delivery date and provide a timeline for receipt of purchase order, artwork and proof approval.  As with all custom projects, changes may delay the final shipment of your order. For current lead times EMAIL US or call 410.272.0090 and speak with a Sales Representative.


6. Q: Are the tins safe for food products?  Can we get a letter that states the tins are food safe?

A: Decorative tins are an accepted package for food products. We can recommend interior coatings for those products that are acidic or water based. We use FDA approved inks and coating and can provide documentation from our suppliers.  We are audited annually by the American Institute of Baking and many Fortune 500 customers and certified for meeting the high standards for food-contact packaging manufacturers.

Please send inquire to Email: , we always reply client's mail within 6 hours.