Metal Tea Box‘s Advantages And Classification

What are the metal tea box's classification, next Brother Packaging will introduce the metal tea box 's fuction and advantages to you.

High-grade white tea metal tea cans

They are high-grade white tea cans were made of high-quality tin, corrosion resistance, waterproof, rustproof, high-end atmosphere appearance, gloss strong, send parents preferred to send a friend a gift aluminum box. Coupled with a good look on the good product packaging, in order to more enhance consumer confidence, thereby contributing to consumers' desire to buy!

Hexagon aroma metal tea box

Modeling exquisite, exquisite Hexagon aroma aluminum tea box decorated with Chinese style textures, convex lines even more luxurious atmosphere of metal cans, highlighting luxury tea flavor.

Metal black tea tin box

As a senior food packaging, metal black tea cans, metal green cans (Chinese style), odorless, non-toxic, environmental health, the use of aluminum in the value of its environmental characteristics. First, aluminum is recyclable material. Furthermore, the relative other metal packaging material easy to Diaoqi rust problem, it can protect the outer layer of aluminum does not rust does not fade more than a decade, coupled with the appearance of fine people to make aluminum metal cans favor for me. 

With the continuous improvement, Brother Packaging has advanced technology and perfect design in producing metal tea cans metal tin boxes.Cylindrical metal tea tin boxes are made of high quality tin material, custom made, high gloss, the overall angular. Highlight the high-grade tea caddy from the details. Customers can print the pattern according to their needs, which can be installed Phoenix single fir, red Nine and other English tea,enhance value. Also allow consumers to leave a perfect impression of the product, to promote consumption!

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