To Meet The Market Trends The Brother Packaging Limited Innovate Tin Box Regularly

Food packaging impact on the effect of food marketing in the consumer market directly. Now mostly food packaging choose tin box or tin can to package. In order to better adapt to market trends, the Brother Packaging Limited innovate tin box regularly.

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In recent years, the development of the food packaging market faster, design in the form of food packaging continues to emerge. In order to better adapt to market trends in food packaging, food packaging design should not only focus on traditional appearance, colors, patterns and text and other factors. Note also pursuing cultural taste and food packaging market, combining the concept of environmental protection elements into penetrate into the food packaging designs, food packaging should reflect the style and character. Personalized elements in food packaging reflected more fully, more market recognition having sex.

Finally, food packaging should be considered for economical use of resources, promote environmentally friendly food packaging design, it is best to use tin and printing products for food packaging design and production, the reasonable control of food packaging printing production costs, resist excessive food packaging printing, packaging boxes printing.

The Brother Packaging Limited innovate tin box regularly.If you want to custom new tin box, please contact us at your free time.Email:

The mould of the packaging box

1).Existing mould: 3 to 7 days as normal;

2).Setting up new mould: about 20 days;

3).Sample making price will be refunded after mass production accordingly.

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